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In my practice I work with the following themes:

(Non-monogamous) relationships, sex and intimacy

It really is a form of art to use sensitive themes and difficulties in relationships to grow, instead of getting blocked by them. When you have multiple relationships next to each other (in whatever construct) it also means that the dynamic gets more layered. A lot happens between you and your partner(s), but also between your partners. And on top of that you have the relationship with yourself to maintain.

A monogamous relationship, polyamory, an open relationship, a triangle: the label isn’t that interesting. It is much more important to look at what is important for all of you to keep the relationship(s) in a healthy state, coexisting. Getting to know your boundaries and discussing them, looking at feelings like jealousy or insecurity without judging, daring to be vulnerable and addressing difficult situations instead of avoiding them: it can be a real challenge. Could you use some help in exploring this? I am happy to help you to develop an open and honest perspective on your relationships, get some oversight in the patterns you have and work on a healthy way to have multiple coexisting relationships.

The balance between your thoughts and your feelings

You keep puzzling, thinking and analyzing: what is it that keeps happening, what could I have done differently, why don’t I understand what I feel? In the meantime, you (subconsciously) feel everything, but still all the attention goes towards your thoughts. It’s also possible that you unconsciously pick up other people’s emotions and energy, you don’t understand what happens in a moment like that and how to let go of it again. Does it feel like you keep getting stuck in this and could you use some help?

We’ll explore how we can create more balance between your thoughts and what you feel. I will help you to become aware of your feelings, what happens in your body the moment you have certain emotions and how you can use this in your advantage. How do your thoughts influence your feelings and the other way around? What feeling is yours, and what is another person’s? We aim at gaining more awareness, so that your thoughts and feelings can start to co-operate, instead of them working against each other.

Sensitivity and spiritual experiences

Do you lose your energy because you (unconsciously) pick up a lot of the feelings of other people? Do you get overwhelmed by other people’s emotions, and don’t you know how to deal with that and let it go again? Or do you have spiritual experiences and are you looking for explanations and ways to integrate these experiences in your life? Being sensitive to different kinds of energy can be a huge strength, but it can also be a pitfall.

How can you stay close to yourself? And how can you prevent losing yourself in contact with others? We will explore what you are struggling with and will look for ways to use your sensitivity in a positive way in your daily life.

Life changing questions and the meaning of life

We all have moments in our life that make us wonder: why am I here and what is it that I’m meant to do in this life? Often these are moments of great urgency: life altering changes on a personal level, in work, a loved one dying or other emotional events. It’s also possible that you experience a feeling of uselessness, or that you wrestle with finding balance in life.

I will help you explore what drives you and gives you energy. You’ll become more aware of what you feel and what is important to you. By doing that big events in your life can become a possibility for personal growth. Freedom of choice is an important starting point in this: you might not be able to control a lot of the things that happen to you, but you dó have a choice in the way you deal with your circumstances.